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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the services offered by New York Close Protection Services.  Please contact us for additional information or questions.

Close Protection
The NYCPS Team is committed to ensuring the safety of our clients.  When traveling, interacting with the public, and speaking to the media, many high-profile clients are left vulnerable to their surroundings and unable to assess security risks.  Our close protection services are discrete and professional, without undermining our clients’ comfort and security.

On-Site Risk Assessment
The NYCPS Team will assess, plan and design a security strategy to best fit your needs.  Our team is skilled in high and low risk security operations.  On-site security assessment and consultation is available for our clients’ homes, public and private events, and company headquarters.  We coordinate with local authorities to best evaluate our clients’ needs and risks.  NYCPS is committed to retaining our clients’ confidence.

Event Security
The NYCPS Team is trained in maintaining unobtrusive, efficient security to control access and to protect our clients, their property and guests.  We are involved in every step of the planning process to ensure an event’s success.  When choosing NYCPS for on-site security, event planners have greater opportunity to attend to other concerns with the knowledge that general security is assured.

The safety of high-profile clients is dependent on identifying and dealing with potential threats in multiple locations.  NYCPS preserves privacy while traveling away from home so that our clients’ safety and personal space is never compromised.  Our clients attest to the NYCPS Team’s knowledge and professionalism while providing security and maintaining their travel schedules.